It is our mission at Blue Owl Mystery Arts to empower and protect women, by providing them with the tools to unearth, and reawaken the lost teachings of the pre-patriarchal priestess cultures around the world.

Avaka Draka
Alchemical Initiate

Avakà Drakà grew up in the film Industry and has been a writer and a multi-media artist for over fifteen years. An alchemical Initiate by birth right. Avaka's formal spiritual training began at age five as a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, who she practiced under for seven years, before moving on to complete her training as a reiki master by age 15. She has studied many forms of personal growth and healing, completing trainings at Landmark Forum, Quantum Quests International School of Healing and Enlightenment, the Shivinanda Ashram, and the Nosara Yoga Institute. After University Avaka shared these gifts and talents with the non-profit sector during her time as project coordinator at The Association for Global New Thought and In-reach Director at the New York Open Center; before returning to the film industry full time as a screenwriter, print model and actress. She has spent the past 4 years traveling the world and rediscovering the hidden knowledge of female centered spiritual perspectives in Egypt, Mexico, Europe, Columbia and the jungles and mountains of Peru. She is pleased to be able to share what she's learned here at Blue Owl. Avaka is currently working on a Novella to further the reach and continue to support the integration of the material in these trainings.

Blue Lotus


Blue Lotus was one of the primary sacraments of the priestesses of ancient Egypt, revered for medicinal properties that soothe pain, stimulate circulation, increase fertility, and improve sexual functioning. Its ability to open the heart, and expand the mind, and induce ecstasy, made her one of the most highly revered spiritual symbols of the ancient world. Ingested as a tea, tonic, as a sacramental wine, and through the skin as an essential oil, Blue Lotus connects you to your divine feminine soul essence, and gently helps to reawaken the true self.