None of us are there yet. No one has arrived, and every destination is indeed a doorway to another. We engage in the practices of our path, not out of a need for acquisition but because the process itself makes us stronger, and prepares us to meet our destiny.

Process is Power

Sunny Child
"On May19th, at the BWI airport international terminal, I told my soulmate-little-sister and my best friend, “Say goodbye to this version of Sunny, because she’s never coming back.” I gave them a long, squeezy, threesome-hug of interlocking arms and pressed-together chests and left them behind at the gate. Now having returned from Isla Blanca and Isla Mujeres, from two weeks of priestess initiation rituals, yogic practices, sacred sexuality, and plant spirit medicine off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, I know I was right: that Sunny did not come back. And this new bolder, truer Sunny would like to explain the pictures I posted yesterday. These pictures were taken after two days of self-led ritual: dancing about my bedroom wildly, whispering prayers, incantations, lighting candles and Paulo Santo, collecting my fresh moon blood in a red bowl, giving it back to the earth as an offering. I had created my own red tent, my own moon lodge, and I marked my offering of blood to my backyard goddess tree with a white conch shell I brought back from the ocean. I felt exhilarated, primal, and wanton, but mostly I felt called to celebrate, to commemorate, to immortalize this moment of becoming. I want to clarify: these pictures weren’t taken to shock, scandalize, or sensationalize. These pictures are a visual manifesto of sorts, a photographic representation of the new life I am birthing. I reclaim the fruit of my womb from shame, guilt, grief, loss, self-disgust, self-limitation, alienation, and shut-down. My womb is a space for creation, for life, for passion, for pleasure, for art, for beauty, for abundance, for healing. No more will I veil my light to accommodate the judgments of others, the conditioning of society, or the limitations of my ego-mind. I take back what is mine by birthright. I take back my wild Goddess Spark. It is time for the wombyn of the world to rise up: we are life-bearers; we carry a portal to the cosmos in our temple. Know your power. Own it. For surely, if you don’t, somebody else will.

Thank you to all the beautiful beings who gave me beautiful birthday wishes. Your love fueled my journey."

Love, Love, Love,