Cross-cultural ancient and modern wisdom
on Sacred Sexuality, Elemental Alchemy, Conscious Creation
& Psychic Self-Defense

This is a six-part series of events, this course will enable you to Remember, the ancient wisdom stored inside your womb. To fully Embody that information as is resonates with the true essence of your soul, and how to conduct and transform that energy, to Affect the world around you from a place of personal truth, and integrity.


We never have the right to harm others. But we do have the right to protect ourselves. We live in a vibrant, and full world. One that`s filled with light & love and fear & chaos alike. We need to amplify the former, to defend ourselves from the later, and self will alone isn't always enough. Within the plant and mineral kingdoms are allies that support us in creating safe space, in our minds, hearts, bodies, and environments. We are not in this world alone, and we do not have to survive on our own.

Conscious Creation
A priestess doesn't work or wish...she weaves

How do we create your own reality? Through intention, focus, and choice. Once we discover know who we are, we can begin make a decisions about what we really want...and in turn those decisions show us more of who we are. But desires can be devious, and it's only when a desire is pure that we have the freedom to make it a reality.
When what you want stems from your true soul's purpose, and you've practiced cultivating your creative energy, you have the power to focus your desires into being. We are natural creators, we make things happen everyday. We work, and we dream, and the things we can't work for we wish for...pray for...plead for...This is the external process of creation, not the alchemical one. A priestess doesn't work, or wish, she weaves.
The fabric of life is made from many different threads of energy combined these frequencies become the things we see around us. Why chose a limited life pieced together from the building blocks of someone else's dream, when you can make your own. A priestess would rather paint her own landscape than visit a museum.

Sacred Sexuality
Creativity is Key

Creative sexual energy is our torch against the darkness. The power to create life is the power to create worlds. Chaos is a distraction from creation, for women it's a channel through which we give away our power, and dilute our intentions with obtrusive frequencies. Focus, divine, cleanse, appreciate, and create

Elemental Alchemy
Nurture is nature

The power to shape reality lies in the simplicity of the power of nature. The 5 elements are the foundation of our reality. We are moved with the wind, enlivened by the flames, nurtured by the soil, revitalized by waves, and taught by the seemingly unknowable nature of the ethereal realms. Connection to the elements without gives us fealty over the elements within